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Balance Week

You need some quality time just for you. In your busy life you've got the feeling you are taking care of each and everything except yourself. You really want a week to get some rest en clear your mind, but at the same time you want to do more than just lay back and relax. You want to work on yourself, your health, your body and mind, maybe even lose some weight and shape up a little bit and you want to learn something. You want to learn how to keep the balance in your daily hectic life when you return home.

At Villa Balance you are at the right place. The Balance Week offers you everything you need for this kind of goal: the perfect environment, the training sessions, the food, the rest, the education and the coaching. You will stay exclusively in the villa for one week. There is plenty of space in and around the villa to get your rest and relaxation. Maybe you want to read or write or just do nothing at all.

In The balance Week you'll get personal measured nutrition from the Villa Balance coaches which you will learn to prepare yourself and several kinds of training and coaching sessions. You'll get a personal plan focussed on your goals that you can take home after your stay in the villa so you can continue your balanced lifestyle. 

You'll be given the opportunity to join several short trips at the beautiful Côte d'Azur area, but that's not obligated. If you prefer to stay a day at the villa to enjoy the amazing pool and relax, thats totally up to you. You will find your balance this week!