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Body Perfection

You are not obese but you want to lose some weight, be slimmer and in better shape with more beautiful proportions. Then Villa Balance is the place for you. We know and we understand that this kind of goal needs just as much focus and attention as losing a lot of weight. For you we have the "Body Perfection" programme.

Maybe you want to perfect your body for a wedding, a gala, a photoshoot, a movie character or just for yourself. Maybe you want to know what you'll look like if you go for it 100% and you want to learn how to continue and improve these results in your daily life. At Villa Balance you will be helped to achieve these goals and you'll be coached how to maintain these lifestyle changes to keep your results.

Body shaping is one of the specialties of the Villa Balance team. They won several international titles (including the world title) in natural bodybuilding and bikini-fitness, where everything is about the perfect body shape, the right proportions and symmetry. Very well balanced nutrition, training, rest and an iron discipline are coming together in this kind of goal. This is what you will learn and practice during your stay in Villa Balance when you choose the Body Perfection programme.