Villa Balance

World's best  place to reach personal goals


Find the best version of you in a inspiring environment

"Create a place for yourself that makes losing weight possible" is one of the first things you learn from the Balance coaches. Villa Balance, which is located in the beautiful area very close to the famous and charming Cannes in the south of France, ties in with that perfectly. 

From the moment you'll arrive at Nice airport, you won't have to think about anything but yourself. From the airport transfers, to the groceries, the food, the training sessions, the trips; everything is included and arranged. Daily you will get 2-3 hours access to your phone and internet so you can take care of your most important business if you want and keep in touch with your family. That's all the contact there is with the outside world because you need to stay focussed on your personal goal. 

We expect your full effort, attention and commitment. The days will be filled in with training sessions, lectures and coaching sessions but of course also with nice trips outside the villa to enjoy the beauty of the Côte d' Azur.